Cryptos - Lesson


Another newer investment that has jumped up in popularity has been Cryptocurrencies.

We are going to go over a brief overview of cryptos, however if you want to get the full idea of why they were created, and their implications for the future, please watch the documentary “Banking on Bitcoin.”

Cryptos - Lifework
  1. Decide if Cryptos are in your realm of interest and if it's worth investing time to research as well as money to get started.

  2. Just like stocks, If you are unsure what to buy, we advise you making a "mock account" and getting into the market without using your own money to start.

  3. Most companies charge a commission for trading, so Robinhood unvealed a crypto-trading platform as well. This crypto trading platform does only have select coins as well as select states you can trade from, so check it out yourself. Otherwise Binance is a good option to trade from even though they have low commissions for trading.

  4. Because of the massive market fluctuations, enter the market at your own risk. Do not put in any more that you can't lose.

  5. Watch this blockchain video below for further understanding.

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Video about how blockchain is replacing wall street