Possible Side Hustles - Lesson

Possible Side Hustles

Robert Kiyosaki advises - “Don’t shrink your dreams to match your means. Increase your means to match your dreams!”

In this video we will go over dozens of ideas that could be exactly what you need to create more income streams. Try to listen without judgment, and write down the ones that could work in your situation.

Possible Side Hustles - Lifework
  1. Out of the dozens of ideas thrown out in this video, which do you vibe the most with? Write down 2-5 options for extra cash flow in your life.

  2. Out of these 2-5, which do you think is the best one to start implementing right away?

  3. Browse Awesome Optional Content to see if any of those options work for you.

Awesome Optional Content

After using Fiverr to find our Animator team from Australia "Keymanj" we became affiliate partners with Fiverr. Here is a link if you want to contract your own skills out, or if you are looking for a professional to do work for you.

We also partnered with Shopify so that you can create your own store if that's the side hustle you want to pursue. They teach you everything to help you start your own online business.
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If you would like to do surveys for extra cash, check out Surveycool.com

Besides Shopify and Fiverr, there is Amazon, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, and Instacart. For Electronics and media, there is swip-swap, Gone, Decluttr, OfferUp. And For selling clothes are Thred Up and Poshmark.