Systemize Cash Flow - Lesson

Systemize Cash Flow

This is where the rubber meets the road. When you spend 1000$ does it feel any different than spending 900$? In majority of cases you don't feel any difference at all, so why not automate your savings so that the extra $100 goes toward your future self?

The more you save now, the better your habit becomes and the faster you can get ahead. Plus with the Guilt Free account, you are able to reward yourself for creating the right habits, instead of feeling guilty about buying things you do enjoy having.

Systemize Cash Flow - Lifework
  1. If you are banking with a major bank and get hit with low balance fees, switch find an in person or online bank, like US bank that if you have a savings attached they waive the fees. No point in paying fees to a bank in 2017. There are also online banks that will send you a debit card in the mail, so if you don't need to get cash a lot or go to a building this could be an option for you.

  2. Open up a high interest, no fee savings account for your POM account, Guilt-Free Play account and any others you choose to have. These rates are changing daily, and with bank interest rates increasing, these will slightly increase as well.

  3. The goal is to save at least 10% of each check to your P.O.M account but even if cash flow is tight, just start with the maximum amount you know that you could live without and start TODAY.

    1. Even if you can only afford to save 5 or 10$, something is better than nothing. If it is automatically taken out when you get paid, it is one less thing to think about, and you will be taking the first steps to getting ahead in life.

    2. If you are not cash flowing yet, it's still better to set up this autodraft, even if you have to transfer the money back out, because it will help solidify the habit of paying yourself first. Habits are stronger than will power and once you have good money habits in place, it makes everything easier.

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