Maximize Credit - Lesson

Maximize Credit

Maximizing credit is crucial if you ever want a good interest rate on any vehicles or to buy a home in the future. This last video will help you build and maximize your credit.

Maximize Credit - Lifework

See where you are at.

  1. Pull credit to see where you are at and if you have any mistakes on your credit. Most banking entities are able to let you see your credit for free.

      • Discover even lets you check your Fico score without being a Discover member, however in order to see a full report call one of the three credit bureaus.

      • 4/5 people have an error on their credit and it’s usually something simple like a misspelled name or a misplaced title like George jr or George the II

  2. If it’s been more than 6 months since your last credit inquiry, it probably is a good idea for you to call all of your creditors for your loans and renegotiate.

      • Ask if they can increase your limit, decrease your minimum payment, or decrease the interest rate down. Anything that will give you more benefits or lower costs.

      • Make sure if at all possible they do not run your credit. If they need to do a hard check, make sure all hard checks are done in the same 24 hr period and it hurts your credit to a smaller amount.