How do you think about Money? - Lesson

How do you think about Money?

Before you think about getting rich and what you will do with it, just realize that who you become in the process is much more important than the money itself.
More money only allows our true lights to shine brighter.

If you are generous, more money will make you more generous. If you are greedy, more money will make you more greedy. We need less greed in the world for everyone to prosper together.

How do you think about Money? - Lifework
  1. Answer these questions for yourself

    1. How do you view money currently? Is that mindset helping or hurting you?

    2. If you had more than enough money, would you hoard your wealth or share it?

  2. If you have extra time, watch Dr Rick Rigsby's funny and powerful speech. Well worth the 10 minutes.

Awesome Optional Content

This great speech by Dr Rick Rigsby isn't about money but his question "How ya living?" is still extremely important for you to answer for yourself.

This is Oliver Stone's speech at Writers Guild Awards 2017. It's a great 3-minute reminder about always questioning actions that are made by people in power, espeically those made with greed in mind.