Scarcity vs Prosperity Mindset - Lesson

Scarcity vs Prosperity Mindset

When we stay in a scarcity mindset, we worry about everything we do not have and will unconsciously want to take from others around us. If instead, we choose to live in a prosperity mindset, then there is enough for everyone so it removes the need for taking entirely.

Scarcity vs Prosperity Mindset - Lifework
  1. Which mindset do you want to have as you go throughout life? Which will serve you and others more?

  2. Watch the interview with founder of The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod. It is jam packed with awesome content that anyone watching will get value from. What are your take aways?

Awesome Optional Content

Hal Elrod is a Best Selling Author and Life Coach, and we go into a lot of great ideas of how you can live a fulfilling life. Find out more at or

This is a collection of ideas from dozens of Billionaire & Millionaire Dropouts and their thoughts on Education, In their own words. The whole video is about an hr, however even if you just listened to 5-10 minutes, there is diamonds of information there for anyone to learn from.