First World Problems - Lesson 3

First World Problems

We are so lucky to have been born in America when almost half of the world is not sure where their next meal is coming from. As Gary V talked about in the first video, getting some perspective will help you recognize the opportunities around you and also hopefully inspire you to take action.

First World Problems - Lifework
  1. What aspects of our society are so common that we take them for granted?

  2. What aspects of your life are you grateful of having that you may not have consciously thought about or written down before?

  3. If you have extra time watch "Dreams of a Bottom Billion" and see this radical new approach to solving world poverty.

Awesome Optional Content

Imagine if every human was not worried about their next meal and was able to think long-term and see how they could add value to those around them? How amazing would it be to have 7.5 billion people working together on a united cause of human improvement?

Dreams of the Bottom Billion - A New Approach To Curing World Poverty | Anik Singal

This video is for those people who have been dealt "bad cards" in life. In many cases, Adversity can be used to be your greatest motivation and advantage you have in life.

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