Excel Alone

17 step by step course to walk you through building your own wealth.
This is designed for anyone and everyone who could use a hand up in life and in their personal finances.
Along with the course you have full access to our social media outlets to stay connected and even get to know other like-minded people.
Tons of great content for NO COST.


Great for the do it yourself type!

Excel Together

Includes Everything in Excel Alone.
Weekly Group Coaching where one of our coaches lead groups of 50+ like-minded individuals for 30-60 minute coaching calls.
Topics vary week to week and are generally free-flowing and designed to maximizing the time for everyone who jumps on.
The goal is to create accountability through live interaction and brainstorm to help individuals get better results on a consistent basis.
10% of all profit goes to Feed A billion or other charity of your choice.


Cancel at anytime!

Excel Exponentially*

Includes Everything in Excel Together.
One on one consulting for those already doing well in finances but want to take it to the next level.
Designed especially for entrepreneurs or people that see the value in multiple streams of income.
Courses going over how to maximize cash flow in your life or how to make your time worth more.
Includes one scheduled hour phone call a month, plus unlimited extra correspondence.
This course is designed to help you take daily action for your own specific "life plan."
10% of all profit goes to Feed A billion or other charity of your choice.


6 Month Money-Back Guarentee!
*There is an interview process before anyone starts their 6-month program to ensure we only work with people we can guarantee results for. Not everyone is accepted.