Frequently Asked Questions

The educational content of our site 100% free so that users in any financial situation can improve their control over money.

Our paid programs offer benefits that could help you one on one or in a group, working to achieve your goals in an environment that is supporting you.

There are a few ways FA-CASH stays profitable, it is mainly through group and one on one coaching, however there are other things in place like donations and affiliate partnering.

We work with a few other companies, that pay us (much like referring a friend) to get more users to view their site or download their free app. Even though some of the referred content have a monetary benefit to FA-CASH, we chose our partnerships very intentionally focusing on companies that are beneficial to its users.

FA-CASH holds the upmost respect for User Data, we do not sell it or illegally use it in any way. Check out our Privacy Policy here.