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Our Mission:

The lack of money or resources shouldn't hinder anyone from getting ahead in life, so our mission is to even the money playing ground by creating a free financial resource for all to benefit from! While Money DOES NOT create happiness, it does allow you many freedoms and opportunities otherwise unavailable. Freedom to take control of your life, freedom to quit the dead-end job if that's your goal, freedom to travel and experience other cultures and other true joys that life has to offer.

We believe the only way for our country as a whole to prosper is if everyone, starting from the bottom of the "economic totem pole", is given the right financial education in order to improve their lives. With the right education, anyone has the ability to not just "get by in life" but they now have the ability to thrive and give back to their own full potential. No matter your background or current financial situation, we hope you find at least "one gold nugget" of information that you can carry on your journey toward financial freedom!

P.S - "Those that think money can't buy happiness, haven't given enough away" - Joe Polish

Money should be shared and not hoarded so in addition to making this program free for users, 10% any and all profits from donations or subscriptions will go to Feed A Billion, Restaurants on a Mission, or the charity of your choice. You can click here to go to your account and pick the charity you want. (users choices will be tallied and decide which charity receives how much in donations.)

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